Chart Series Labels

Hi, I am trying to name the series on my chart (i.e the ones marked “value”) in the attached image.

Double clicking on the chart and looking though every option, leaves me stumped …

Cheers & thanks,

Hi Bernie,

thanks for your message!

One way to name the different data series is to go to the
→ chart settings (= double-clicking the chart)
→ going into the section “Plot”
→ then, un-checking “Data Range coherent”
→ The field “Series Label” allows you to type in the series name directly or link it to a cell on the sheet.

I hope this helps.

Many thanks, wow, that was well hidden … :slight_smile:

By the way, every now and again I get a purple cell appear in my chart, with the word “Admin” below it.
I can’t seem to delete it, and have no idea what I was doing when it appeared … right clicking gives no clue what it is either …

A mystery…


Hi bmentink,

The purple cell indicates, that another user selected this cell. Usually this references to real people. But In your case, I guess, this refers to another instance of your App open in another TAB.
The name indicates the account name. :slight_smile:


Many thanks … the explains it… :+1: