Controlling a car by MQTT and Streamsheets

Controlling a car by MQTT and Streamsheets

The goal of this project was to send data from a glove, on which is a sensor that can detect if the hand rotates, to a car driving after the data it receives from the transmitter.

Different things are needed to get this project started:

  1. You need a board/microcontroller to read the data and send it over WiFi to the broker

    I used the ESP8266

  2. You need something your broker and Streamsheets can run on

    I used a Raspberry Pi 3b+

  3. You need a WiFi to make MQTT possible:

    I used an extra router called MapLite

The ESP8266 ist a board with a WiFi-Chip on it, which allows you to connect your board with your WiFi and also send data over it. It also has a lot of programmable PINs so you also have the possibility to control LEDs, motors or read the data from different sensors. The board can be combined with the Arduino IDE (learn more here) so you can write your code there and upload it to the board.


This Dashboard on Streamsheets visualizes the data on the two axes in different forms like bar charts or XY-lines.


Behind the scenes, Streamsheets also organizes all the processes which are important to make sure that the data is transmitted correctly and is send to the receiver as it actually should be.

So after making sure that Streamsheets is working correctly, the data is read correctly by the transmitter and the receiver knows how to react on different topics and values, my project worked as I wanted it to do:


When sending data from the ESP8266, did you first have to encapsulate it as a JSON packet?