FILE.WRITE in Streamsheets installed on the Raspberry Pi via Snap - solved

Unfortunately I can’t manage to create a File_Connector and File_Producer correctly to create a file with FILE.WRITE on my Raspberry Pi. When I create the File_Producer, it is displayed as connected. After calling FILE.WRITE, it is displayed as not connected. It does not matter what is entered as the root directory in the File_Connector and in the directory parameter in the FILE.WRITE function. Maybe it is a problem with write permissions? In my Docker installation on my Windows computer, FILE.WRITE or the File_Connector / File_Producer works as expected.
Do you have a tip for a beginner on how I can solve this problem?
I am using the free version of streeamsheets for a non-commercial research project the context of a volunteer fire department. Porting it to a Raspberry PI allows the project to be better protected against water and mechanical damage.

Hi 30-1,

The problem should be the sandboxing by snap.
There are two solutions, either try changing the connector path to: /var/snap/streamsheets/common
This should be a writeable path.

Or you can use the docker version. :slight_smile:

Hi Tizian, thanks for your help, in /var/snap/streamsheets/common/… I can actually write!