From streamsheets use mongo?

very confused beginner…
i want follow

see also docu

i end in ERROR
as i see that producer is disabled i try that… more problems…

i miss the very basic understanding
-1- when i have the mosquitto version 2.0.11 running on a Raspberry Pi
and a database there
is that a mongo database?
-2- can i use that for store own data documents like in the video?
or can i make there a add database file to write to?
when mongo is running where are the tools for it?
-3- or do i need to install MONGO again? or somewhere else? ( linux 64bit ?)
and make client user password producer… for it?

because like now i would end up in writing to CSV file? ( but not tested )

Hi kll,

You are kind of right :slight_smile:
Streamsheets uses an internal Mongo db, but the file you found is not connected to that.
The file you found is a mosquitto file. The mosquitto.db file holds internal persistence information on client subscriptions and retained messages.

We do suggest using a new mongo db instance, if you want to store your own data.
We have a small tutorial here:

The raspi mongo db version is not an official version. The official versions do not run on a raspi.
If you choose an official mongo db version try e.g. linux64.

We have disabled the mongo db connector, because if no mongo db is added, there can’t be any functioning connections. Either create a new one or enable the connector to work with it :slight_smile:

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so i try this, but still problems:
must start manually after boot
sudo docker start mymongodb
in streamsheets looks like the connector is working
but in streamsheet the store command still show ERROR

did i miss any step?

Hi kll,

For some the reason the Producer is in double quotes.
Streams have the Syntax |Producer.

I think that is the problem. :slight_smile: