Guest Access and other questions

Very cool project guys!

  1. Just wondering if its possible to setup a guest account, or a way to show a sheet (in ReadOnly mode) via a direct URL?

  2. I’m wondering if its possible to “cache” things. In my example, I’m consuming some data from environmental sensors via MQTT, and want to correlate that information with weather forecast data from a REST Query, but that forecast data is only updated every hour on the main site. So doing the query every “step” is overkill (and I quickly got throttled on the providers side). I’d like to “cache” the result of the rest query and only update it if the cache expires.

  3. Maybe I missed something, but how can I reference cells in another sheet? or do I have to use INBOX/OUTBOX to move data between sheets?

  4. Is it on the roadmap to have multiple consumers on a single sheet? (kinda relates to question 2 above - Say a Rest Client and a MQTT connector)

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Hi Fishwaldo,

Thanks a lot! :blush:

  1. Let me get back to you for this one :wink:

  2. You can use the If-Cells to only trigger the RestRequest for certain trigger (e.g. GETSTEP()=x, NOW()>x) [Beginner] What is an IF-Cell?

  3. Referencing between two sheets can be achieved, by using “Sheetname”!A1( eg. S1!A1)
    So inserting “=S1!A1” in a cell will reference cell A1 from S1.

  4. We are talking about this, but there has been no final decision yet.
    For now, you can use 2 different sheets with e.g. different “calculation modes”. One could run “on message” and another could run based on time intervals.

So good and bad news for 1. :slight_smile:

  1. We do have two ways to achieve this, but both require the “professional” version.
    We support user management, where user can be assigned read-only-rights, and further we also support direct URLs.

A workaround:
In the open source version it is possible to “protect” a sheet. This way nobody can click anymore.
You can find it in the “Sheet Settings Menu” on the top right corner of a sheet.
The protection can be undone by the user, so it is not the perfect solution.