Histogram Creation


I’m looking to create a histogram with Streamsheets where I want to track the frequency of values in a cell that updates once new information comes in.

For instance, I want to graph the frequency of 51 coming into the cell on a graph. Or the frequency of 62. And hopefully display the graph as a bar displaying the frequency on the Y-axis and the value of the cell 51, 62, etc. on the X-axis.

Please let me know if there’s another way I can arrange the data to get this working as of right now I’ve tried creating a historical timetable, but I don’t think it captures the frequency issue I’m running into.


Hi Matt,

Sorry, but I can´t really follow your question.
I´m not sure what the 51 is referring to. Is it the frequency, a cell or maybe the amount of values you are tracking?

From the first look of it you are looking for a XY chart, which displays a frequency (Y) and a value (X).
To do this create a table with the X and Y contents and create a XY chart on top of it.

I have made a video on creating XY charts here:

Maybe that already helps :slight_smile:
If not:
Do you maybe have a screenshot of your current state? I think that would help me understand more details of your case :slight_smile: