Input data in HEX format

I’m receiving data from a sensor in HEX format. I’ve managed to get the data from an MQTT server into my Streamsheet without problems through a consumer. However, when I drag the Payload to a cell it is displayed in text (the HEX codes are translated to characters). Is there any function I can use to get the raw HEX info back?


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Hi Emartinez,

we are excited you are using Streamsheets!

There are several functions that deal with data in the HEX format.
Did you already have a look at the functions under “engineering”?
If you click on the “f(x)” in the toolbar you can choose the category “engineering” or simply search for “hex” in the search box.

Do these formulas do the trick for you?

Also, we´d be excited if you shared what you are building with Streamsheets.


IMHO, Emartinez expects that the Consumer is capable of decoding buffer receiving from MQTT broker using hex character encoding. Currently utf8 is used by default but I think we should offer more encodings incl hex. I have created a related issue:


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