Is there any ability to bind a button coordinatesto cell coordinates?

Hi, i want to aks if Is there any ability to bind a button coordinates to cell coordinates?
So when I move a cell, button will folow.

I’m not sure, what you want to achieve exactly, but a button position can be dynamically changed via a reference in the coordinates.

So if you can calculate the “position change you are looking for”, that will work. :slight_smile:

Change the static x and y position to a reference.

I want to bind position x and y to a specific cell, so when I wii change dimension of other cell the button will folow that

What exactly do you mean by dimension?

If you look at that photo you will notice that after i changed Param1 column dimension, button stayed in same position, but i want it to be bind to action1 column.

This is not yet possible, but sounds like a nice idea. Will talk to the team, about what possibilities make sense here. :slight_smile:

I think it will be a nice feature, because, if you look am my screenshoot, you will notice how much buttons i have :sweat_smile:
And some kind of button placement binding will be a nice feature.

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