Performance Limits

What is the performance limits of a sheet? How many cells/second can it process?
Any documentation on that?
Assume a machine with 4 vCpus and 8Gb of memory.

Hi pvmagacho,

This is a complicated question and depends very much on your individual usage of Streamsheets.

In general a sheet step can be as fast as 1ms. But this is definitely depending on the size of your logic and what kind of functions you are using.
Especially functions, which are holding values, like TIMEAGGREGATE() or database queries, require more resources, as a normal IF() function.

With your setup, usually 30+ Apps (running at the same time, in a medium size) run pretty smooth.

I guess I could try to be a little bit more precise if you describe your use case! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response @Tizian.Cedalo.
Update rate will be at the most 1s. With about 1k tags coming from a MQTT datasource (Doesn’t have to be all in one app, maybe a good division would be 10 apps with 100 Tags each). And the logic are simple, nothing fancy.
Just wanted to know what is the performance for a typical machine (4 vCpus / 8 Gb).

That should work :slight_smile:
Especially if you divide it in 10 Apps!