Raspberrypi 3b+ with 1.4-rpi configuration issue

Deployment Env: RaspberryPi 3B + , 1.4-rpi installer
Problem : After installation success as guided on github(https://github.com/cedalo/streamsheets), First create of sheet failed on MQTT.
Work around: Compare with macos distribution’s docker-compose.prod.yml and raspberrypi’s docker-compose.yml. And then modified as follow:

  • In streamsheets-gateway > environment ADD WS_HOST: “”
  • In streamsheets-gateway > environment comment HTTP_PORT and HTTP_HOST
  • In streamsheets-service-machines , modify MONGO_DATABASE’s value from “migration” to “streamsheets”
  • In streamsheets-service-graphs > environment, ADD two line
    MONGO_HOST: streamsheets-internal-mongodb
    MONGO_PORT: 27017
  • In streamsheets-service-streams > environment, ADD two line
    MONGO_USER_DB_URI: mongodb://database:27017/userDB
    SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL: http://localhost:9091
    and modify MONGO_DATABASE’s value from “migration” to “streamsheets”
    -In streamsheets-internal-redis > command, modify “–notify-keyspace-events Kls$$” to --notify-keyspace-events Kls"

After modify scripts/docker-compose.yml, In the scripts/mosquitto/mosquito.conf, modify line 552 allow_anonymous value to true.

and then “sh start.sh”.
After modify compose file, then I can make new sheet.

Hey Edward,

And a happy new year! :slight_smile:

It seems, that you may have downloaded an “unreleased version”. We are skipping the 1.4 release for the RaspberryPI version and will have a new Streamsheets version for the Raspberry with the upcoming 1.5.

I suggest to either wait for the 1.5 release or you install the 1.3 version by using the command:

sudo docker run -v ~/cedalo:/streamsheets cedalo/streamsheets-installer:1.3-rpi

Be aware, that 1.3 and 1.4 machines are not compatible. We only have a migration script in the 1.4 version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.