REST REQUEST - Needs two Steps to Display

I’m currently testing streamsheets with the Rest-API.
I’m working with your tutorials and forum topics and use anapioficeandfire for sample REST REQUESTS.
Currently I’m run the sheet step by step via the step-Button, to see whats going on in every step.

Now I have a basic Question about the REST REQUEST Function.
In A1 I define which character number I want to request from the api
In B1 I create the API-URL with CONCAT
In C1 I have defined the Request itself.

And in C5 I want to show the Data.
But when I change the number in A1, I have to klick two steps forward to see the new data.
My expectation was, that I only have to do one click and get the new Data shown in the sheet.

Could you please answer me, why it needs two steps to show the data?


Hi cschmitt,

This is because a Rest Request always has to wait for the answer of the server.
The communication goes two ways. First the request has to arrive at the “anapioficeandfire” server and be processed there, then a response is sent.
This takes some time. Depending on the internet connection and the server capacity of “anapioficeandfire”. The answer is always shown in the inbox the moment it arrives. The step is already “finished” when the response is shown in the inbox.

Moreover, Streamsheets work event based. The sending of the request in “step 1” was the first event. Receiving the response is not an event, but calculating the response is (step 2).

As a more visual example, picture a normal website. Clicking on a button sometimes lets you wait a couple of seconds, where you have to wait for the next page to load. The answer in the inbox is comparable with the newly loaded page. You reading and processing the new information is step 2 of the Streamsheet.



Hi Tizian,

Thanks for your fast answer.

That’s absolutly understandable :slight_smile:
Maybe it would be an good idea, to add a small hint for that in your documentation.

Because I saw the message in the Inbox and also saw the values in the payload and was wondering why they aren’t get shown in the sheet.

But now I understand.

Thank you



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Good Idea! We will add this!