Use first row to create a JSON array of dictionaries


I’m trying to figure out something that seems easy but I haven’t understood how to do or even if it is a possible use case.

Considering a table like this:


How to create a JSON array of dictionaries that would look like (don’t mind the lack of quotes):

[{Code:1,Name:A,Quantity:10, Status: OK},{Code:2, Name: B, Quantity 11, Status: OK},{Code:3, Name: C, Quantity 20, Status: OK}, {Code: 4, Name: D, Quantity: 0, Status: NOK}]

I wanted to Publish this array to the MQTT broker.

Hello Marioishikawa,

You can achivie this using the DICTIONARY() function and setting the second parameter to TRUE.


Is that what you wanted to achieve?

Yes Tizian!

Thank you very much! One other question: I created a MQTT transmitter and a consumer on another sheet to test.

On the consuming sheet, how can I bring the results back in the same format, with keys on the first row followed by the content on each subsequent row?

You can use the Direction parameter of your READ() and set it to FALSE :slight_smile:

e.g. =READ(INBOXDATA(,“Test”),M4:V12,“Dictionary”,FALSE,TRUE)

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Awesome again! Thank you!