Category Topics

General Information

Here we will post general informations about the Streamsheets. This category is purley informational.

Community Q&A

Do you need help using the Streamsheets? You could not find the answer to your problem in our documentation or in the best practice category?

Tips & Tricks

Here we will share some best practices for different scenarios.

Uses Cases

You created some awesome Stream Machines and want to share it with the community?
This is the place to inspire and get inspired.

Streamsheets Feedback

We always work on improving our software. Our developers code around the clock to updgrade our Streamsheets technology. In this category you are invited to help us put the Streamsheets on the next level.
A lot of times the best ideas come from you, the active and creative user.
So, if your are missing a feature or want to report an issue please let us know.

Tech Talk

This category is here to support general knowledge around IoT and all its components.
If you have questions about APIs, network architecture or more general tech questions, this is the place to ask.