Broker stops publishing for 30 seconds

I have two MQTT clients, with MQTT client 1 transmitting 18 topics every 600ms. Client 2 transmits 2 topics. Out of these two, one topic is transmitted every 5 seconds and other one every one second.

Client 1 is in local host and Client 2 is a remote mqtt client. Client 2 is connected via WiFi.

Issue observed: Sometimes i see broker stops transmitting or publishing for around 30 seconds and recovers. Observed that no messages were dropped because broker resumes the transmission where it stopped from. Also i verified both clients sends message during this time

Mosquitto broker version: 1.6.10
OS: Linux 5.4.77-5.1.0

Any help to figure out this issue will be highly appreciated!


  • Broker logs which is set to all, doesn’t show any errors or warning. Made the max_qeued_messages 0, but that didn’t help either.

Hi George,

I am not sure what you mean by the broker stops transmitting for 30 seconds.
Can you share your mosquitto conf please and also the logs?
(Even though there seem to be none)

Can you check if maybe in these 30 seconds your hardware is maxing out its resources?