Cedalo Management Center GUI Password?

Is there a way to add a user/password for the Management Center UI?

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Hi m_elias,

It´s really cool that you are using our new management center. :+1:
We are still working on new features and this is something, which we have on our Roadmap and will be available in the future.

If you have any other feedback for us, it is highly appreciated. :rocket:
May I ask in what capacity you are using Mosquitto at the moment? (Use case) We are always looking for more input on how Mosquitto user are actually using our broker.



I’m using it as a broker for my diy smart farm setup.


Hi all!

I am coming late to the party but actually I would like to ask if there is any development on this question. Let me just give you my background information. I have the cedalo suite running on docker (Mosqutto+StreamSheets+Management center) and on this docker instance there is also an ouroboros container which auto updates my deployed containers. When my cedalo suite got updated I couldn’t log in anymore to my management dashboard, the default user doesn’t work anymore. Funny enough after update, the streamsheets default user (admin, 1234) worked perfectly, I just can’t log-in to the management dashboard. Can anyone help me?
The mosquitto broker is still working fine as I see that my MQTT clients are still publishing messages.

Hi t4ir1,

If you only have updated the MMC version, without getting the new installer the docker-compose file is not yet updated.

In the new file we added a part, where one can set the credentials for the MMC.

    CEDALO_MC_PASSWORD: mmcisawesome

If you have not set of these try as the default PW

User: cedalo PW: secret

If you wish to set the PW. Either add the environment vars or download the new installer :slight_smile:

I hope that does the trick!


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That indeed did the trick! You’re great!
Thank you so much!