[Feature Request] Option to set TCP_QUICKACK

Mosquitto V2.0.14 DockerImage on Raspberry4 (IOT-Stack/no TLS)
I wonder if it would make sense to have an option in the config to allow set the TCP_QUICKACK option to the socket (on LINUX systems only) like the TCP_NODELAY option.
I have the problem that my MQTT client (Homie on ESP8266/async-mqtt-client) uses a message queue to send the qos1 messages one by one. Issue for Homie on github
So it have to wait for the ACK before sending the next message, and that leads to a delay of ~500ms between each message.
Regards (duplicate from github issues/slack)

I finally managed to see what is going on with Wireshark.
It`s not mosquitto causing that delay.
Sorry, please forget that feature request.

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