Installing mosquitto on VPS and using it for IOT Project

I am working on one IOT Project where I have to deploy 150 GPRS devices. I am planning to use VPS installed with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Installed with MQTT Broker and default client libraries. I am done till here. Now I have to move further in project & install python Paho MQTT library to act like client to store data into database. my question is how to store that data in mongo db and how to play further with topics? in order to get full fledged IOT application working?

Hi chinmay,

Sounds great. :slight_smile: For easy ways to store and handle data, have you tried using our other OS product Streamsheets?

You can connect Streamsheets to a MQTT Stream and create your individual logic to store the data in mongodb.

I have made a simple tutorial here:

To download Streamsheets see:

Get fast access to mongodb and connect it to Streamsheets here:

Thats maybe also a good way to play around with your topics and try out one or two things.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: