Mosquitto install (or start during install ?) fails

I followed the exact install instructions for Mosquitto on Raspberry Pi, using fresh and updated image of the Raspberry OS (debian, bullseye). Hardware is Raspberry PI Zero W.

In the instructions ( as shown here Mosquitto Debian repository | Eclipse Mosquitto) I replaced buster.list by bullseye.list

During final install instruction I get an error message (see screenshot), with code=killed, signal=ILL
Seems it is trying to start mosquitto during/after install, but fails?

I have no idea how to solve this. Please help.

Additional info: the same problem occurs when using the previous OS version (buster).

When I ignore the instructions and just do “sudo apt install mosquitto mosquitto-clients” the error does not occur, but it installs version 1.5.7 instead of 2.0.12.

And when I do the apt install on bullseye it installs 2.0.11 without errors

so for now SOLVED, but conclusion is that one should not follow detailed instructions, just do the simple install

I think there is a problem with the libwebsockets binary in the repository not being compiled properly for the 32-bit Raspberry Pi installs, I’ll see if I can fix it.