Run MQTT Broker and Connect Python Script with Android Studio Application

Hello together,

for a project where i recently came into, i need to connect a python script with an application of Android Studio. I need to run the script on the broker and connect it with the application.
I’m very thankfull when somebody can guide me through the first steps.

greets Felix.


I’m not entirely sure what it is you want to be honest.

If you want to use Python with MQTT I would suggest the Paho Python client: GitHub - eclipse/paho.mqtt.python: paho.mqtt.python

For MQTT on Android you could consider GitHub - eclipse/ MQTT Android , but I have less experience of that.

I hope that helps.



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Hello Roger,

thanks for your quick answer. I’ve already installed python but in another way.
I try do it in the same way like the instruction from your link.
I want to run a python script on MQTT to send data to an application running on android studio.

greets Felix.