Setup up Mosquitto on Truenas


I am very new to using automation software and have been following guides to help with setup. I have installed mosquitto from truecharts app repository on my truenas scale machine. I am struggling with a problem when i try to setup a new user account. i enter the
mosquitto_passwd -c /filepath/password.txt mqtt_user
enter and re-enter my password and am told unable to write file as permission is denied.
I have set full read/write/execute control on my datasets that the program is installed.
If i seaech the folders through windows network locations there are no config files in any folders, and if i use cd ls in the mosquitto folders, it shows config and configinc directories. if i try and enter the directories it says they don’t exist even though it just listed them, if i try to mkdir it says they already exist.
Any help is appreciated


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m not familiar with TrueNAS, so I’m going to have to guess a little. The setup guide expects you to be running commands from inside your mosquitto container, which doesn’t sound compatible with searching through windows network locations. Can you confirm you are trying to make the changes from within the container?