Adding more than one consumer on a sheet

Is it possible to add more than one consumer to a Sheet?

If I do, I notice both seem to work, alhtough just one appear on the Inbox, but the problem is that they both seem to use the same Payload, competing for the incoming data.

The version I’m using is the 2.5, CE.


In the 2.5 we don´t allow multiple Consumer in one Sheet. We will change that behavior in our upcoming 3.0 release. :blush:

I´m not sure how you achieved multiple consumers in one sheet. In the dropdown, you should only be able to select one consumer at a time.

I have the exact same problem, since my Payload looks like these:

“timestamp”: “2022-12-14T14:13:17.346+01:00”,
“type”: “MeasureValue”,
“unit”: " ",
“value”: 18197

“timestamp”: “2022-12-14T13:59:43.361+01:00”,
“type”: “MeasureValue”,
“unit”: “%”,
“value”: 96.924934

Both are under their own Topic, which right now looks like this:

I think I understand now:

You have added multiple topics to one Inbox.
And you are not able to differentiate these.

To do so: Open up the metadata section of your payload. You can see that the topic is shown there.
So in order to differentiate different incoming topics in one sheet, check for your topic names.

So if you want to do different stuff for one topic then the other always refer to your topic name.

Tipp: Use the IF cells in the IF column on the left side.

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Your link for the IF functions is broken :l

I see :slight_smile: Thank you for noticing. The link is from 2019, so the URL has changed since then.
Try this:

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(post deleted by author)

I trying to go with your approach from How to view multiple topics but can’t get the correct formula …
=INBOXMETADATA(,“source”)=“Projekt/Station_3/Zeit” seems to be wrong.

INBOXMETADATA() only gives back a path, to get the value, you need to use READ() what I suggest is:

Drag and Drop a READ from METADATA to the start of your sheet.

Then reference in each IFCELL you will use the following. e.g. topic is in B1


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Yeah, just did that. Feared that might be the case :smiley:
Thanks a lot for your time and help.
Last question …
Can I call the value and name in C11/12 in a new sheet/dashboard without having to stream them to MQTT?

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

Yes, in one App you are able to either reference from sheet to sheet, or use FEEDINBOX() to send data from one to another.

If you want to send it to another App you will need MQTT.

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