After inserting a chart, streamsheets crashed immediatly


i’m working with Streamsheets 2.5 for couple days now. After I visualize some streaming data, i tried to insert a horizontal line but Streamsheets immediatly crashed with the error message

“this._portPointMap.set is not a function”

and the dashboard can no longer be opened. Whenever I try to open the dashboard the following error message appears.

I wanted to report this bug if not already known.

Thank you


I created a bug ticket for our developers.
Thank you for reporting, we appreciate it! :slight_smile:




Is there a direct workflow you could name me to reproduce this issue?
Only adding a horizontal line to a Streamsheet, did not yet crash my App. :boom:

Would you mind, either describing it step by step, or if you don´t have sensitive information stored in the App, sharing an export of your App with me. You could send it to me via PM here in the forum.

Thank you very much, :slight_smile:


Hi Tizian,

thank you for your reply. Yes, the issue was totally random. I think, it is very difficult to reproduce this.
I can’t attach the Json-Export. I get the message “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

I couldn’t find a PM feature? Or is there an email address where i can send the Json-file?

Thank you.

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