Connect to Moquitto via BLE without WiFi enabled

I’m newbie to Mosquitto
I’ve a question.
Is it possible to publish content from an MQTT client to Mosquitto Broker using a connection different from WiFi?
In other words may I communicate between client and broker using BLE (bluetooth low energy) protocol withou having a WiFi connection active?
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.


The MQTT spec states:

The MQTT protocol requires an underlying transport that provides an ordered, lossless, stream of bytes from the Client to Server and Server to Client.

If you can guarantee that in your BLE implementation then you should be able to get it working, with some coding effort to add the BLE support. If you can absolutely guarantee that your maximum packet size will fit in to a single BLE payload then this is easier.

I would suggest looking into MQTT-SN instead, this is a similar protocol to MQTT but better suited to the constraints around BLE and similar situations. There are MQTT to MQTT-SN gateways out there, Mosquitto doesn’t currently have direct support for it.



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Hi Roger.
Very interesting.
I’ll study it.