No Device Data with mosquitto_sub

i installed mosquitto (2.0.11) and zigbee2mqtt on Debian 11 Host. I could connect Sonoff Device and see it in Zigbee2MQTT. I setup mosquitto with Port 1833 and allow_untrust true.

If i run mosquitto_sub -v -t “zigbee2mqtt/DoorWindow” -h -p 1883, i see lot of data, but no device information like battery or contact status. If i run mosquitto_sub -v -t “zigbee2mqtt/#” -h -p 1883, i see a lot of data. Most of them information about using of mosquitto and only two hits for DoorWindow Device if i search in this.

If i try to connect from MQTT Analyser / Explorer i got the same information, but no device details.
Any idea to solve this?