[Data Format] JSON

Their are a variety of formats used to represent data in a structured and standarized way. JSON is one of them and primarly used in the Streamsheets.


JSON is a text-based data format that is the lightweight alternative to XML widely used on the Web for data interchange. Key-value pairs are used to structure data.


Multiple key-value pairs can be combined and structured in a hierarchy.

“Data”: {“Interesting Data 1”:12,“Interesting Data 2”:15,
“More Data”: {“Data from A”:17,“Data from B”:1234,“Data from C”:625,“Data from D”:892}

Streamsheets always work with JSON-Objects. You may have not noticed it, but all incoming messages are formated in JSON. We use a simple visualization to make it easier to understand. The above example looks like this:


If you want to find out more about JSON visit their offical website. Also check out what a JSON-Range is in the Streamsheets.