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Im new to Streamsheets and love what you are building here!

Im working on building a small dashboard for a IOT project and I’m running in to a setup problem. We have 5 boards all in there own mqtt topic. I would like to use wildcards. what i would like to achieve would be to make a line graph with all the sensor values over time.
My topics look like:

(rest of the images will follow)

Im trying to find out how I can get multiple deforant date points, as now the system is showing me the name of the sensors’s topis in the source part of the metadata and a changing sensor value in the Data part. whats the best way to split it?

setting the base topic to eos/+/sensor/eos_1_light/state can work to have less base topics but i stil cant find a way to ‘‘split’’ the values into separate data points.

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I have the consumer set up like:

This is what i get in the sheet.

Hey luuk,

If you I understand you correctly the problem in your Application is, that you are getting data points from 4 different sensors in one inbox, but can´t differentiate between the sensors, because the data point is not individual for each sensor. Am I correct?

In this case you should use either the IF Column or the IF function ([Beginner] What is an IF-Cell?). Since the structure of your messages is always the same, you are right, that looking into the metadata is the way to go.The key here is to use the information about the topic in the source parameter.

In order to differentiate between the sensors, always check the name of your topic before using any logic.

So e.g. a TIMEAGGREGATE() Function is only used specifically on a message of a certain sensor.

I added a little example I hope this is what you were looking for. :slight_smile:
Luuk Example.json (14.7 KB)

Cheers and a happy and peaceful Christmas to you :christmas_tree:,


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Hi Tizian,

Tnx a lot for the fast response! this did work and now I have the data to play with!

Cheers Luuk

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