Connecting an iPhone to a Streamsheet via MQTT

In the following video I will show how to connect the real-time measurements an iPhone´s sensors to a Streamsheet using a MQTT broker. To achieve this, I use an iPhone app that is publishing the sensor data to a specific topic on a MQTT broker.

In the video you see how to create a MQTT Connector and a MQTT consumer that subscribes to the MQTT topics of the sensor data.

In the next step you see how to link the key/values pairs of the message payload to Streamsheet cells and how to apply some spreadsheet formulas on them. Some of these formulas create graphic objects which rotate according to the “pitch” and “roll” measurements. Hence, the objects in sync with the iphone.

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ich habe eben die iPhone App getestet. Prima Sache!

Ist es korrekt das keine Licht und Wärmedaten ausgelesen werden können?
Gerade Licht wäre eine sehr interessante Sache, da man so sein altes iPhone prima als Luxmeter im SmartHome via MQTT nutzen, und so auf China-Sensoren verzichten könnte ; )
Oder man hängt es sich als Wandthermostat auf, Halterungen gibt es ja genügend.

Besten Gruß,

Hi Timo,

Thank you for posting :slight_smile:
If it´s alright I will answer your question in English.

Sounds like a great use case!
Unfortunaltey, it does not look like apple allows to access the light sensor and appears to not have a temperature sensor.

I found an Android App, which could be helping you out. I have not tried this, but if you find it helpful let me know :slight_smile: