Identifying Which Device Sent a Request.

I am running the Mosquitto add-on in Home Assistant (HA). I have a problem with a neighbor who, as a network god, loves to hack into to my network. How to deal with him is not the issue here, what I need is to understand which device he is getting into in order to prevent him from doing it again.

My router is set up to only allow whitelisted MAC addresses and I have a herd of about 30 devices, some of which go through the MQTT server. I have enabled TLS with unique passwords and usernames in all Tasmota devices as well as enabled SSL in the broker. The hacker is able to get into some device and send a request through the MQTT server to turn on a light or open my garage door as depicted in the HA logs, but I don’t know from which device the request was sent.

Is there a way to determine the originating device via logs or some other way?

If you add log_type debug to your config file, you will be able to see what devices are publishing to what topics. You won’t be able to see the payload though.

I hope you can get this sorted!



Thanks for the info Roger.
I am running Mosquitto broker version: 6.2.1 on
Home Assistant 2023.5.3
Supervisor 2023.04.1
Operating System 10.1

If I were a log… where would I be located? (because I can’t figure it out)

I don’t know I’m afraid! I am not familiar with how Home Assistant configures Mosquitto.

I could make some guesses, but they might be more of a hindrance than a help if I’m wrong, so could I suggest that you go and ask on a Home Assistant forum?

If you still can’t get the help you need I’m happy to give it a try here.



Actually, you not knowing told me tells me what I needed to know. I figure there is a reason you don’t know and it turns out that the log location is configurable. Thanks again for the input.