Ignore a topic from the Broker side

Hi there!

Is there a way to configure Mosqutto to ignore a topic from the configuration side?
I don’t want the broker to listen to one topic, so it does not take resources etc. I can’t stop the source of these messages, so I was hoping there was something I could do from the other end.


Hi @lewisspring,

Just to be sure: You have a publisher that publishes on one or more topics. On one of these topics you want the broker to “ignore” (= not accept) publishes? pls confirm.


Yes, that’s correct.
A publisher publishes a topic and I want the broker to ignore said topic.

Hi @lewisspring

It’s not strictly possible to have the broker ignore messages with a particular topic. Each incoming message needs to be received and parsed before the topic of that message is known, so resources will be used in dealing with it. The best you can do is deny that topic pattern in e.g. the dynamic security plugin and then no clients will have to see the message going to them.



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Hi Roger,
Thanks for the insight, and I’ll look into Dynamic Security.