Kafka Features In Community Edition

From this document it seems Kafka functions are available only in Professional edition.
With Kakfa what all features/functions are available in Community Edition?
Can we create a simple application that reads from a Kafka topic, process the streamed data and writes it to another Kafta topic?

Hi pzombade,

You are right, the documentation states that it is part of the premium edition od Streamsheets. We have changed this feature to be OS as well. I will adapt the documentation. We are planning on adding further KSQL features, which will part of the premium version. :slight_smile:

So yes, you can build the described application.

To listen to the Kafka topic:

Setup your Kafka Connector, and create the Consumer and enter the topic you want to listen to.
Further, create a Producer, which you donĀ“t have to change from the default at all.

Use the Producer in the Kafka Publish function and map the incoming data to the Kafka Publish.

I added a simple example. You may have to change the Connector URL to adopt to your environment.

simple kafka example.json (35.8 KB)