KAFKA SSL/TLS enabled server cedalo not able to connect

Hey guys, I have a kafka server running on a machine and cedalo is also running on the same machine via docker. i have enabled ssl/tls authentication for kafka and using certificates im able to publish and subscribe using python, nodejs, java too, but in stream sheets I’m not able to even connect to the broker, i have checked the logs and useful information was found. Where can i uplaod the ssl/tls certs in stream sheets ?.
For other clinets like python, nodejs etc i am able to specify this option. how do i this in stream sheets.
It would be very helpful if i could get a step by step solution for my problem. Thanks in advance!

Hi harshith,

uploading certificates is not yet supported.
We are planning to add that feature in a future version of Streamsheets.
If kafka is also running on docker you could add kafka and Streamsheets to the same docker network and setup a listener without authentication that only allows connections from within the docker network.

I hope this helps.
We’ll let you know when the certificate upload feature is available.

Thnk you for the reply it helps out a lot for me, without authentication kafka and stream sheets are working fine. It Would be very helpful if the new version with this new feature support came out very soon. :smiley: