Limits when using Mosquitto on AWS

Hi All - I am thinking of moving my local install of Mosquitto onto AWS. My current test system only has about 25 devices hitting the server (although they are sending environmental data changes to it about once a second - temperature / humidity / light level changes - small packets of data). How many devices can i realistically connect to a single instance of Mosquitto?


Essentially the rule of thumb is that you’re going to end up limited by the message bandwidth - number of messages * size of message. Exactly what that limit will be depends on the servers you’re running on.

For some reference, runs on a lowly atom processor. It currently has ~7000 clients connected, an outgoing message rate of ~14000 message/s and an outgoing data rate of ~800kB/s. I’ve got data of it running at over 50k message/s and a touch under 6MB/s in the past.

If you run on something not so low performance you’d expect to be able to do much better.



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