Problems that occur with the mosquitto client in Windows 10 system


Hello modasd,

Unfortunately, I am not able to read the content of your screenshot. Could you describe the problem in more detail?

I had no problem using the mosquitto API on my own computer, I put the compiled software into another computer to use the software, and there was an error during the running process, and I found that it was mosquitto.dll error by looking at the Windows Event Viewer. I haven’t found the cause of this issue yet, and I’d like to ask for your help. Also, the software uses an MQTT client, and the proxy server is deployed on a different computer

Hello modasd,

Thanks for clarifying.
Can you please share even more about the seen behavior?
I will talk to the team and come back to you.

Do you have more information about the error and what the Event Viewer says?

The dll error offset is 0x00000000000083cd, and a thread is opened through std::thread to call the main network loop with mosquitto_loop and set the mosquitto_threaded_set to true