Request() with JSON from a single cell

I am using the function REQUEST() and successfully write data to my local influxDB via HTTP_Connection.
All is well when I use a json range to construct my Json as follows Request(myProducer, JSON(Y15:Z18), INBOX())

But when I create custom JSON in a cell like C18 and use as in Request(myProducer, C18, INBOX()) then I get the following error “options.uri is a required argument” in the error reported on the meta data of the INBOX.
the Json in c18 is:

Hi MrAbsaroka,

Could you add a screenshot of the JSON-Range which is working? For comparison.

Cheers Tizian

yes, here is the same set of data parameters that work correctly when referenced as a json range in the request function.


I think the problem should be, that you don´t use the JSON() function around your cell. Without it the REQUEST() function thinks that the cell input is only a “string”. :arrow_forward: Request(myProducer, JSON(C18), INBOX())

I have to mention, that the single cell JSON() only works starting version 2.0.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: