Where does the bridge configuration end?

So, connection starts a new bridge configuration, but where does it end? With the next non-bridge option or something like that?

Especially in conjunction with include_dir this is a bit confusing… imagine I have three files in the include dir, bridge_a.conf, bridge_b.conf and something_else.conf. Because they are loaded alphabetically, the bridge_....conf files would be loaded first and as they start with connection, they start a bridge configuration. So if I would have (by mistake) a bridge-related config option in something_else.conf, would that affect bridge B because the bridge configuration is still “open”? Or does the configuration of bridge B end when bridge_b.conf ends?

Otherwise I would have to be careful to sort bridge configurations last, like naming the files z_bridge_a.conf and z_bridge_b.conf, but isn’t the idea of config directories kind of that you can just drop files in there without worrying what is already in there?


The bridge config ends either at the start of a new connection, or at the end of a file. So if you have 0.conf and 1.conf as below, an error will be given:


connection one
address localhost:1884
topic one both


topic faulty both

connection two
address localhost:1884
topic two both

My advice would be always to group together related options.



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