Add Buton, and URL to sheet

Hi, a have two questions.
How can I can add a link to a cell and when i click on cell text it redirects me.
And the second question, I have a sheet where a get some data from some devices, how can I add a button to that sheet to send a command to device ?

Hi aiulian7,

  1. You try to open a URL from Streamsheets?
    use the OPEN.URL() function within a Button.

Add this function to the EVENT, e.g. an ONCLICK event.

  1. Same works for the Button Command.
    You find the Button in the shape menu.

Choose, instead of an OPEN.URL() trigger, a SETVALUE() function, which then sets a motion in order to trigger your command.
You can also directly add the e.g. =MQTT.PUBLISH(|MQTT_Producer,JSON(A10:B15),B19) to the event.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you !!!

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