Alternative Installation Methods

Hello all,
I am wondering if the only supported installation method is using Docker.
I have a windows server 2019 and no internet connection (but have local NPM repository proxy).
Any way of using Streamsheets in this environment?
Thank you,

Hi pvmagacho,

Besides Docker we are available on Snap: :slight_smile:

But I guess this does not help you, because it is not npm and it is linux based.

Maybe it is possible to download docker and Streamsheets on another System and port it to your server. I have never done such a thing , but I found this:

It is possible to save images to .tar files and import them elsewhere. Not sure, if that would be the way to go for you, but if it is let me know how it went :wink:


Thank you. I think I will move to Linux :slight_smile:.

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