Cedalo management center URL

I have a problem with adding a domain (www.example.com) to the Cedalo management center.
I have a windows server 2019 system. also, I have installed the Docker desktop on it and I have run the Cedalo Container and everything is ok but I don’t want to reach the Cedalo by the IP (IP:8088). I want to reach it by a domain like www.example.com , also I am using Cloudflare.
thanks in advance.

Hi ramadan,

If I understand you right, you want to the MMC accessible via the Web, right?

What you have to do is setting up a Domain to a DNS.
I found this tutorial here: How to Point a Domain Name to an IP Address (DNS A record example) - YouTube

To directly access an application without adding a port to the URL, I usually use nginx. I have never tried it on a windows server, but I guess that should work as well: NGINX as a Reverse Proxy (listening on port 80) - YouTube

Let me know, if that helped! :slight_smile: