Cedalo Management Platform Bug

Hi, What is the Issue here… every time I login I see this page. not able to configure it.

Feature not available Make sure that the broker connected has the dynamic security enabled.

@roger.light can you help me on that? does my system has problem?
@Tizian.Cedalo @Andreas.Cedalo

also getting this log: “CEDALO_MC_PLUGIN_DIR” is not set. Skipping loading of plugins

when creating new client I’m getting this error.


well!! Frontend is not my cup of tea… this is for your reference… I found on inspect…

My guess would be that either you haven’t configured the dynamic security plugin in the mosquitto config file - from your previous question I think you do have that. Either that, or the dynamic-security.json file we provided isn’t being used.

Could you perhaps try this out with a completely fresh installation (where this all works with the provided configuration), then gradually make the changes that you need for your setup? I think that would be quicker for everyone than trying to figure out what the difference is.

Yes after that error on that day I installed it again. and same problem

this is what I found in mosquitto/data


and my config is…


I also read in document that you should put plugin after listener. so I put this way

anything else I can do to resolve this?

There must be something else happening here that we don’t see. I would really suggest starting completely from fresh - I mean move the existing ~/cedalo_platform directory to a new place and rerun the installer. After the installer has finished, use start.sh to run the management center and mosquitto, but without modifying anything else first. Navigate to localhost:8088 in your browser and verify that the management center is working as you would expect. If it doesn’t work at this point and you have completely started from scratch, then there is something unusual about your system that we would like to know about so it can be fixed!

Assuming everything does work as expected, then go on and start adding the extra listeners that you want, and keep on verifying it is working after each step. If you realise that something stops it working, or that our instructions misguided you at some point, then let us know so we can fix the operation and/or the documentation.

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Also note that you may need to get rid of the existing docker containers first, otherwise the names conflict and they won’t be recreated.

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