No App inbox stream from TheThingsNetwork MQTT server

Hi, I am new to streamsheets and tried to set up a connector in streams to TheThingsNetwork MQTT server but don´t get anything in the apps inbox.

I used the command line mosquitto_sub with the complete uplink topic sucessfully to connect to the broker.

I can´t really figure out what is wrong. Could you please give some advice ?

Thank you,


This is the connector settings

Hi Sven,

Streamsheets is working with a Connector as a base and, for incoming MQTT data, with a consumer on top of it.

Go to your Stream Menu and create a Consumer based on your created Connector.
Enter a topic (you can shorten your base topic of the Connector)
Now you will see the Consumer pop up in your Inbox.

As an example, you can check out the default MQTT Streams for the Wind turbine apps.

I think this might be the problem :slight_smile:

If I got it wrong let me know!