How do I examine the logs?

I’m working on a use case where I consume messages from a kafka topic and the messages are in Avro format. I was able to see messages in the inbox for a few seconds but now the consumer won’t stay connected. How can I look at the logs for the actual error ? and can I configure Streamsheets to consume Avro data ?

Hey RickC,

We support JSON, XML, and String formats.
The logs can be accessed under docker. Use this statement to get to the log files:
docker exec -it streamsheets ls /var/log/
The path interesting for you should be this one:
/var/log/service-streams/stdout.log & /var/log/service-streams/stderr.log

So e.g. docker exec -it streamsheets cat /var/log/service-streams/stdout.log

Let me know if this helps and what your problem was!
I hope you will find an answer to your problem in the logs. :wink: