How to increase maximum broker reconnect attempts in management center?

After adding a broker connection in Management center and connecting successfully to it. If broker becomes unavailable then the management center will try to re-connect with it up to maximum 10 times by default.
Is there any way to increase the maximum number of attempts to reconnect to the broker?


Yes we have the possibility to add environment vars in the docker.compose file:

CEDALO_MC_MQTT_CONNECT_INITIAL_BACKOFF_INTERVAL_MS - initial interval that MMC will wait before attempting to reconnect. In milliseconds. Default is 500.
CEDALO_MC_MQTT_CONNECT_BACKOFF_INCREASE_RATE - coeficient that will be multiplied with CEDALO_MC_MQTT_CONNECT_INITIAL_BACKOFF_INTERVAL_MS on every subsequent reconnection attempt. Introduced to make reconnect intervals increase over time (1 second, 2 second, 4 seconds and so on…). If you want all the reconnect intervals to stay constant, specify 1. Default is 1.5.
CEDALO_MC_MQTT_CONNECT_MAX_NUMBER_OF_ATTEMPTS - number of reconnection attempts. After reaching this number, MMC stops trying to reconnect.

Reconnection only takes place if before a successful connection with the broker was established and interrupted afterward.
Note that on a fresh start, MMC attempts only a single connection for connections that are disconnected due to an error/interruption.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick Reply! Is there a reference page for getting details about all the parameters available?

For the env vars currently not. But I think it makes sense to create one to have these not only internally available. Will talk to the team. Thank you for the input. :slight_smile: