Install Mosquitto broker service over cmd command?

We would like to install the Mosquitto broker service (latest version, 64bit) without a user interface on a server, with Windows 10 IOT running.
In the best way, we would like to know if there is a possibility to install mosquitto via a command shell by using cmd commands?

If yes, is there any kind of instruction or manual how to do that?
Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

I’ve just added some details of how to do this to the Windows readme and am reproducing it below.

Running the installer will present the normal type of graphical installer. If
you want to install without starting the graphical part of the installer, you
can do so by running it from a cmd prompt with the /S switch:

mosquitto-2.0.12-install-windows-x64.exe /S

You can override the installation directory with the /D switch:

mosquitto-2.0.12-install-windows-x64.exe /S /D=:\mosquitto



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