Mosquitto_sub -W does not work

According to this page mosquitto_sub man page | Eclipse Mosquitto
there should be the option -W that should be an integer for timeout. And I realy need a timeout.
But it doesent work with my mosquitto at least 2.0.11

I run a temporary script to check doorsignals. Maybe not the smartest way but it works… untill one vehicle doesnt have a topic to send. I would like to use count and timeout. If it counts 10 then fine but if it doesent after like 3 seconds then close it.

$Dvehicle = & ‘C:\Program Files\mosquitto\mosquitto_sub.exe’ -t infohub/sensors/door/# -h x.x.x.x -v -C 10 -W 3
ForEach ($line in $Dvehicle){
$line_split = $line -split ‘doorOpen":’
$dn = $line_split -split ‘,“doorLocked”:’
$Cdooropen =$dn[1]
if($Cdooropen -ne $null){$do++}

Also a powershell timeout dosent seem to work either for some reason. maybee because of calling a program “outside” powershell… I dont know

I’m afraid that the -W option isn’t supported on Windows right now. Sorry that wasn’t made clear, and it will be supported in version 2.1.