Websocket Connector

Hi Team,

Is it possible to a make Websocket connection using Function Wizard? I know the HTPP.REQUEST function does not support wss:// protocol.

I am working an application API that streams some data. One can write javascript/node js code to connect to this API and listen to the streamed data.
I want to make connection between my application and cedalo spreadsheets with Websocket protocol.
What are the possible ways to achieve this requirement? If it needs then I can write code for new connector/provider. Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance for you help :slight_smile:

~ Prashant

Hi pzombade,

Thank you for your post! :slight_smile:

We do not support Websockets (wss:// protocol) yet, however, it is on the roadmap. I´ll talk to the dev. team to find out when it will be ready.
As we are always curious to know and understand better what users create with our technologies, it would be really cool if you could elaborate a little further on what you are building with Streamsheets. What kind of data will your application API stream? :eyes:

Best from the Black Forest


Thanks for quick reply Tizian :slight_smile:

Yes, please let me know by when the Websocket will be supported. That would really help us in planning further.

Can you share any tutorial/video/document which describes how to right a new connector. Like Rest, Kafka, MongoDB connectors.
I followed this. But did not work. New connector did not show up. https://github.com/cedalo/streamsheets/tree/master/packages/sdk-streams

To talk about our application, it is similar to Shopify example. We stream specific entries that goes in our database. Interested parties can make Websocket connections and listen to the streams, process the incoming data, enhance it etc.
To summarize we want to use Cedalo Streamsheets as bridge between us and our consumers.

~ Prashant

Hi pzombade,

Good news :slight_smile: I was able to add the websockets to our roadmap. They are not yet set for a fix release date, but will be in one of our next releases.

So far the SDK is more for internal developing, I don´t have any further tutorial about this. :confused:

If you can´t wait for the release, you could think about creating a proxy which automatically connects as a web socket client and converts the data to MQTT.
Now just Stream the data into Streamsheets via MQTT and it works the same :slight_smile:

Nice Use case :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!!

Cheers Tizian