Yaml as input format instead of its subset json

Hey Cedalo Team
Great work! You nailed it.

Would it be possible to support the more general language ‘yaml’ instead of only its subset ‘json’ as input data-format?

Hey quantasy,

Thank you. That means a lot to us :slight_smile:

Thank you for this suggestion. I will talk to my colleagues and get back to you.
Would you mind explaining your use case a little more. Why do you need yaml? What is the advantage of yaml compared to json for you?



I know, by addressing this topic, we all can be dragged into a religious war of the type “x vs. y” and I will do my very best not to ignite it.

This said, I would like to explain, why I believe, that supporting the superset yaml seems a great idea to me:

Micro services as addressed by Cedalo’s StreamSheet, are not restricted to processing data sent by or to machines, but in principle also allow data-interaction from and to human (say via cli), e.g., some message directed to a micro-service that should be reflected by StreamSheet or a ‘structured’ configuration of arbitrary complexity that might be displayed and processed by StreamSheet.

Here yaml often serves as a fairly convenient ‘language’ to be read and written by humans as well as machines. That seems to be the reason, it seems to me, that many configuration-messages for various services are kept in yaml.

For this reason it would be brilliant if StreamSheet could understand yaml as such, so Streamsheet could visualize and even interact with human generated yaml-messages (without the need for putting up some externally driven conversion-service in order to render it for StreamSheet).

In the hope of not having started the war I just tried to omit… I stand by

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This sounds very reasonable to me. I will forward your thoughts and come back to you as soon as we know the if and when of this addition to Streamsheets.
Thanks again for your idea!

Hi quantasy,

We like your idea and have decided to implement it! :relaxed:
The feature will be released end of spring/ early summer 2020.