Can't import anymore

Hi, i was modifiyng one of my App, exporting, modifiyng JSON, and importing back, but now app doest want to import anymore, is there a limit for free version ? Or a smth else ?
It just stuck here.

And after pressing IMPORT button nothing happens

Hi aiulian7,

That does not sound right. :thinking:

Which version are you using? Can you open (in Chrome) your Developer Tools (F12) and try to import again? I the SubTab “Console” is there any kind of error message appearing?

If it is possible with you could you share your Application with me? Also possible via PM/Mail, so you don´t have to share it with the whole forum.

As of right now, I don´t directly have an idea of what could have gone bad. This is not the first time you are trying to import right?

Cheers Tizian

Hi, i find out what was the problem, i was adding new buttons in app, with Ctrl c Ctrl v, and after that I modify them via JSON, and i thing when I copy the last button, the id of buttons did not change, and when i was trying to import, it doesn’t want to import and no error appears.
Now problem is solved, I think it was a local bug, caused by my really complicated App :slight_smile:

Perfect :slight_smile: