HTTP Client Provider Slack Tutorial

Just getting started w/ Streamsheets… Installed the latest version via documentation. Deployed on / a Ubuntu 18.04 image/ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Have gone thru the tutorial of creating Connector->Producer->Stream Machine. I am sure the Cloud environment Ingress/ Egress rules are configured correctly… This command works find and can be read in my Slack App.
curl -X POST -H ‘Content-type: application/json’ --data ‘{“text”:“Hello, World!”}’

HTTP.REQUEST cell turns ‘RED’ w/ #TARGET. Assuming that is an indication of some connection error?

Hi davidc452,

the #TARGET Bug indicates, that the target parameter is not set correctly.
You need this, because the webhook answers your Request with a message stating if the request worked or not. In the Target area the response will be displayed.

OUTBOX() is a function. If you put functions in “” the turn into a string.
Best way to solve your problem is to remove the “” around “OUTBOX()”.

You can also choose a Range on the sheet to display the response.


I hope this helps :slight_smile:



Fixed the #Target. Thanks.