Management Console: Stop Working

We installed the Cedalo platform using the docker installer. It has been working great for a few weeks, and now the Management Console stops working. The error symptom is that after login, the console stuck at
with blank page.


  • Does anyone run into this problem? Any suggestion to resolve this problem.
  • We cannot find an error cause - will the console require license to use?

Hi lke,

I haven’t seen this before I’m afraid. If you restart the container does it still give the same problem? Is there anything in the log that could help?



Thank you, Roger.

The problem has been resolved by removing the container, the related image, and recompose the management console.

Here is the final summary,

  1. there is no obvious error in the server log - it is just simply having a blank page (stuck as at /system/status)
  2. restarting the container doesn’t help.
  3. after checking, we found two different dev instances having exactly the same issue (the problem seems after a recent run/restart - maybe something is corrupted)

Hmm, ok. I’m glad you’ve got it working again, but it’s not an entirely resolution for you or us! We’ll keep an eye on it and will hopefully be able to find out what actually went wrong for you.