Streamsheets url access not working

Hi All,

I have download and installed streamsheets from the documentations as required. I am running a seperate MQTT eclipse mosquitto docker as version 5. So only installed the streamsheets from the cedalo platfrom bundle with default MQTT address to my localhost the service got started. However i am not able open the link to the streamsheets.

Also i am getting below logs on my terminal, i am not sure if they are normal.

streamsheets_1 | 2022-02-02 07:46:07,090 INFO success: mongod entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)
streamsheets_1 | 2022-02-02 07:46:08,089 INFO exited: mongod (terminated by SIGABRT; not expected)
streamsheets_1 | 2022-02-02 07:46:08,166 INFO spawned: ‘mongod’ with pid 45914

OS: MacOS with M1 chip
Browser: Chrome

Hi spupenja,

I´m sure we can find the reason for this.

Do you mind checking your logs and maybe adding these here? :slight_smile:

You can copy them out of docker with these commands:

docker cp streamsheets:/var/log/mongodb/stdout.log ./stdout.log
docker cp streamsheets:/var/log/mongodb/stderr.log ./stderr.log

Hi Tizian,

Please find the logs attached.


Sushant (323 KB)

Hi Sushant,

I have checked with our team. We are currently not supporting M1 architecture, but added it to our Roadmap to support it. I will add this information to our documentation as well.

Until then, I hope you find a way to use Streamsheets on a different environment.